Product Re-engineering ( Telecom )

The Client

The client is one of the leading providers of Virtual Call Center solutions and Virtual PBX for business users using cloud based communication platforms requiring no additional hardware or software installation at customer site.

The virtual call center application provides an enterprise-class, business-presence enabled call center at a great value. Call center agents simply need a browser and a landline or a mobile phone. Consumers can contact the agents from almost anywhere across the globe, via phone, the web, or voicemail. The application also provides real-time reporting feature to monitor agent productivity and call center operational performance.

The Challenges

  • The success of the Virtual Call Center solution resulted in exponential increase in the number of agents and consumers. Integrations with other cloud based applications such as, Skype, and Google among others increased the number of interaction points in the system.
  • The application performance started degrading due to high resource consumption; to the point where it affected business continuity and also had an impact on real-time performance reporting.
  • Since live customers were affected by the performance issues, performance re-engineering was the need of the hour and critical for the business.

Technologies Used


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