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The Client

The client is an industry leader in Health Care Information Service Provider (HISP) arena; primarily catering to some of the largest Healthcare ISVs in North America. The product enables online communication between healthcare providers and patients. The Client network covers 1500 hospitals, engaging over 350,000 health care professionals with over 3 million patients.

To gain 'First Mover' advantage & also to enable customers meet the earliest ARRA stimuli deadlines, it became imperative that the Client integrated the Product with ‘external systems’ rapidly and cost-effectively.

The Challenges

  • The core application was more than a decade old based on obsolete technologies, leading to incompatibility across systems, resulting in increased downtime & costlier maintenance.
  • Integration with EHRs & other hosted solutions were not easy with existing architecture.
  • Adding a new partner to the system to exchange messages was time consuming & required extensive regression testing to make sure all existing features / integrations were working as expected.
  • Current system did not support communication options like Chat, IM.
  • Sharing digital information of medical records in a secure way across integrated partners was not feasible / time-consuming. The vision for the revamped application/platform was "one patient - one patient health record".

Technologies Used


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