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The Client

The client is a North American ISV based in Boston, Massachusetts. The client’s product was gaining acceptance as a leading solution for Employee Performance Management, used by small sized organizations (less than 100 employees). Client was approached by IBM (USA) for existing work force management solution and some additional modules. Since the implementation was at IBM, the product had to be migrated to an all IBM environment and new (IBM requested) modules were to be developed. The existing product was developed with Java, Tomcat, Jboss and Oracle10G.

The Challenges

Migrating with an existing product to support a new environment is always more challenging than developing a new product. Some of challenges faced while migrating to IBM environment were:

  • There was a architectural difference between WebSphere and Jboss, the product needed to be re-architectured to support WebSphere deployment.
  • Application Packaging: Each application is packaged differently & the different class loader implementations in each application server were potential migration challenges.
  • The product had some oracle specific optimizations including UDFs and UDTs that had to be migrated to DB2.
  • The amount of data was pretty high, so data migration of information needed back up & compression before.

Technologies Used


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